Constraints and Opportunities


The site is situated outside of, but in close proximity to, the Leatherhead Conservation Area. The Grade II* listed Running Horse Public House is situated to the north of the pay and display car park whilst the Grade II listed Leatherhead Bridge is to the south of the site. The proposals have been informed by, and respond to, the existing townscape and character of historic Bridge Street. The proposals seek to respect and preserve the historic character of this important area.

Download a PDF version of the Heritage diagram here.

The design team have carried out detailed analysis of the site to develop a contextual site design response.

Download a PDF version of diagram 1. Street Alignment here.

The proposals follow the existing street pattern and alignment both along the riverside and Bridge Street. The frontage is set back adjacent to the Running Horse Public House, responding to historic building footprints on the site, and to preserve the setting of the public house. The site is a prominent gateway on the journey into Leatherhead over Leatherhead Bridge and this provides an opportunity for a clearly identifiable entrance to the development and the Riverside Park enhancements.

Download a PDF version of diagram 2.  Neighbours here.

The proposals are set back from our residential neighbours to the West and North, resulting in increased separation between buildings and improved access to sunlight and daylight in comparison to the existing site configuration.

Download a PDF version of diagram 3. Access here.

The existing vehicular site access is retained. The proposals include residential car parking to the rear and an upgraded Pay & Display car park adjacent to the site entrance.

Download a PDF version of diagram 4. Landmark Building here.

The site marks an opportunity for a high-quality landmark building. Proposals respect the scale of the surrounding context and step down towards our neighbours. The layout of the design allows for river views to be maximised.

River Mole

The new development will overlook the River Mole. The proposals include a soft landscaping scheme which will work within the overarching vision of a Riverside Park.

The landscape improvements delivered as part of our proposals will enhance the function and usability of the area around the river, which we know is an asset that is highly valued by many residents and visitors alike. The wider Riverside Park will be delivered as part of the second phase of the Riverside Quarter transformation.

The site is located partially in Flood Zones 1, 2 and 3, with Flood Zone 1 least likely to flood and Flood Zone 3 more likely to flood. In response to this, the proposed residential use will begin at first floor level rather than ground floor level. A Flood Risk Assessment will accompany the outline planning application to identify any associated flood risks from fluvial, ground and surface water sources together with any required mitigation measures.

The Flood Risk Assessment will ensure the scheme complies with required national and local planning requirements in relation to flood risk and drainage. We have been working closely with the Environment Agency to ensure they are supportive of our proposals for a high-quality mixed use development that offers enhancements to the riverside setting. We will continue to work with the Environment Agency as the design progresses.

Download a PDF version of the River Mole  images here.