The Riverside Setting

The design and layout of the scheme aims to respond respectfully and positively to the historic street pattern and heritage constraints. The proposals seek to revitalise and make the most of the unique riverside setting that the redevelopment of the Claire House and James House site offers.

The existing buildings on Emlyn Lane have been a key consideration in the positioning and layout of the new building and our aim has been to improve the relationship and setting for neighbouring residents by moving the new building further away where the design allows.


Download a PDF version of Images of Riverside Living here.

Informal children’s play space will be located along the riverside frontage. The landscape design includes a variety of grassland, shrubs and trees that combine to create a mosaic of open spaces that extend opportunities for wildlife and biodiversity throughout the wider riverfront setting.

Any tree loss will be mitigated through an appropriate tree replanting scheme. Local wildlife and conservation groups will be consulted as the design and scheme progresses.

The ground floor café or restaurant will include an outdoor seating area which overlooks the riverside. This new leisure use aims to revitalise the currently underused area and to create a unique leisure destination that is easily accessible to the general public.

The outline planning application will include initial concepts and ideas for the creation of a Riverside Park. The development of the Riverside Park will be delivered as a second phase of the Riverside Quarter transformation, after the Claire House and James House development is completed.