Transform Leatherhead

The Masterplan

In July 2016, the Transform Leatherhead Masterplan was formally adopted. Public consultations, market research and expert advice all played an important role in creating the Masterplan vision for Leatherhead town centre:

“Friendly vibrant and lively, Leatherhead is a modern market town where people of all ages can shop, eat, relax and have fun by the riverside”.

The Masterplan identified a number of core areas and defined key ‘quarters’ within the town centre.

The Claire House and James House site is located within the ‘Riverside Quarter’ which comprises the river corridor between the River Mole, the railway line and Mansion Gardens; it also includes lower Bridge Street and the historic Running Horse Public House, and to the west of the river, the Leisure Centre and surrounding parkland.

This image shows how the Riverside Quarter connects with the other quarters in the Masterplan. The central position of the Riverside Quarter and its strong overlapping interactions with the urban and retail/leisure quarters, and sport/leisure area, indicates its critical role in the overall transformation and improvement of Leatherhead town centre.

“The Riverside Quarter provides a wonderful natural environment and recreational corridor through the town. The development of the Claire House and James House site can act as a focus of change in this area”. Transform Leatherhead Masterplan (2016).

Download a PDF version of the Key Vision Plan here.

Download a PDF version of the Masterplan land use diagram here.