Using the model, traffic flow tests were undertaken on the key roads or ‘arms’ of the gyratory; Kingston Road, Waterway Road and Randalls Road. These tests were to assess how the traffic flow currently operates around the gyratory and to identify the causes of the existing congestion and queuing.


  • The main congestion is caused by through route traffic diverting from the A24/A243.
  • Waterway Road and Kingston Road are important arms of the gyratory due to the tidal traffic patterns caused by the close proximity of the M25
  • If Kingston Road and/or Waterway Road were made more difficult for traffic it will re-route through residential streets
  • Business Park traffic is not a significant cause of queues on the gyratory
  • Knoll Roundabout, A243/M25 and A24/Grange Road/ Ermyn Way will have significant congestion issues if additional traffic is routed through these junctions
  • The traffic flows within Leatherhead are tidal, one-way in the morning and predominantly the other way in the afternoon due to the close proximity of the M2
The initial gyratory tests